Monday, October 22, 2012

Sacred Event & Films

Christmas would be my sacred event. My whole family comes together to celebrate it every year and it also has a deep meaning for us as well. Being that we are a very religious family we really celebrate the birth of christ.

1. Black Sheep
2.Step Brothers
3.Tommy Boy

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


The song uses the idea of restoration or a new beginning by using the fallen leaves that make a journey to the tree and bring the tree new life and new beginning. Another component the song uses can be chaos where the natural world becomes supernatural by the leaves coming to life and making a journey to the tree.

Meaning of Name

Keith- Keith was originally Scottish and probably came from a form of 'coillte' or 'ceiteach', meaning "woods".

Family meaning- I was named Keith after my father who wanted to share the same name with me.

Sacred Centers- our familys sacred center would have to be the church or our home

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


In the song “A Fish On land,” Lhasa De Sela uses the symbols and archetypes of fish, water, and transformation to express the theme of life’s struggle.  According to Anthony Stevens, “water symbolizes the whole of potentiality: it is the fons et origo, the source of all possible existence (130).” The struggle of life is not an easy journey: “A fish on land gasping for breath (Lhasa De Sela)”.  Once he overcame the struggles in his life, “ he grew and he became a man” and completed his transformation (Lhasa De Sela)


I have always dreamed of traveling the world. It is important to explore the world, for you only live once. I want to travel the world because the world is full of beauty and surprises. Even though I have not traveled the world yet, I plan on traveling the world one day, and seeing all the places the world has to offer.